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Why Choose Plumber Twickenham

When you call out the plumber you expect him to solve your problem. Plumber Twickenham has experienced and highly competent plumbers to deal with any plumbing issues you may have.

Here is an example of how our experts work:

Assess and Discuss

First, we assess the situation. What is wrong and how urgent is the problem? Is it something we can fix immediately – or will it take more work and need some planning? This is something we discuss with you, together with the likely cost. We are very open about the price and while we ensure that our prices are low, we also expect to do high quality work – great value for money.

Finding the Problem and Fixing it

Sometimes the immediate problem can be dealt with but we find that further work is advisable. One example would be when we find a water pipe leak. This is a common problem, not confined to old properties. It might be because of wear and tear, sometimes the pipe warps and sometimes water freezes to form ice – which expands and bursts the pipe. Whatever the reason it may not be enough to just do the job and depart, with fingers crossed.

You may need us to carry out a pipe survey to make sure the other pipes are not on the point of leaking, or you may need new valves or lagging to prevent freeze ups. At Twickenham Plumbers we make sure you are left safe and dry. And you will save the cost of the repair in not paying for damage to the property and in not paying for the wasted water caused by the leak.

We are Experienced & Certified Plumbers at Plumber Twickenham

Plumber Twickenham employs experienced and highly trained plumbers.  Because plumbing can involve complex problems and requires considerable skill and knowledge to solve the problems plumbing throws up.

After our basic training – usually in maths, science and English and then an NVQ at grade 2 level, we undertake further plumbing courses. We enjoy our problem solving profession, and we like to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Indeed, plumbing is an  exciting and ever changing career.

As a team, we have years of experience. And, there is nothing like actually having done the job yourself. Also, we share our experiences  so that every member of our team benefits from it. We enjoy discussing our work with each other.

But it is important that you feel confident when you invite us into your premises. For this reason, we wear a uniform, arrive on time and show you our identity cards. Then you can be certain that we really are the Plumber Twickenham team.

And, because we are your local plumbers, we are aware of traffic conditions and parking, as well as being close by. This means we can respond quickly and arrive at your home or commercial site in a very short time. In addition, if there are local regulations, we will be aware of them, together with any local plumbing issues which surface from time to time.

What Does Plumbing Entail?

A plumber can be defined as a person who installs and mends pipes. Plumb was Latin for lead – and we all know that the lead pipes were a serious cause of ill health in the population. Plumbers had much work to do to try to eliminate these old lead pipes.

But plumbing involves much more than replacing old pipes! Yes, our plumbers need endurance, the ability to work in confined spaces and we must feel safe when we work in exposed situations. But a plumber must not only repair the pipe but also competent to install or repair all the many fittings and appliances.

We must be able read and interpret blueprints, and we must know how pipes are made and from what materials. Additionally, we need to understand the building regulations and, more and more, we should be experts in water conservation. All our plumbers are aware of the environment and can guide you to eco-friendly solutions to your plumbing problems. We need a great deal of training to become a certified plumber. And only when we have the qualifications can a plumber become registered.

In fact, it takes years to become a well-qualified plumber. We need enthusiasm and dedication, to undertake all the training required to keep up-to date. The industry develops new techniques and new tools constantly.
All our plumbers at Plumber Twickenham are registered and have the necessary qualifications. We also take advanced plumbing courses.

Completing the Service

At Plumber Twickenham we believe in completing the work to your entire satisfaction. We keep our fees low, but we ensure our work is of a high standard In fact, we believe is giving our customers an honest days work for a reasonable fee. In addition, we believe that our customers deserve respect, courtesy and a friendly manner. Plumber Twickenham are keen that your experience with us is a good one, one you are happy to tell your friends about, too. And we will phone later to check that you are happy with our work.

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