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Plumber Twickenham, 65 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3SZ

About Us

About Twickenham Plumber

Twickenham Plumber – Your Local Professional Plumbers

If you have a plumbing problem, then you need to call in the professionals! At Twickenham Plumbing Company we have a great local team of professional plumbers, ready to help you with any plumbing issues.

If you live or work in Twickenham or the surrounding area, then we are on your doorstep. This means you get a quick response from a professional plumber if you have an emergency – and you will probably only really appreciate that when it happens! Be ready to call us out when you need professional plumbers close by.

Our Training to Reach Professional Standards

In order to reach the required standard to qualify as a licensed plumber, we must have passed English, maths and science at GCSE level and then a recognised qualification, often NVQ, Grade 2.

More About Us

Necessary Skills for Professional Plumbers

So, we have to be good at maths, and be able to understand technical drawings and plans. In addition, we need to have a practical frame of mind – able to manipulate tools safely and work in exposed or cramped spaces – so we must be fit as well.

Most importantly, we also need to look after our customers. So, you can understand that a plumber has to be a professional plumber, to be competent in all these areas. Also, some members of our team have advanced qualifications and might specialise in some plumbing aspect – an installation expert for example, needs a wide knowledge of the products available. Get in touch with us and find more information about Twickenham Plumber services.

The Right Person at Twickenham Plumber

The person you first contact knows how important customer relations are, and they also know plumbing – who to contact for you, and they can arrange a convenient time – or, for emergencies they will make sure the plumber is with you in less than an hour. The plumber who arrives on your doorstep will be well qualified to assess the situation and to carry out the necessary work. He will have the right tools with him, and he will be able to discuss what you need with you. So, trust about Twickenham Plumber services and find the best solution for your plumbing requirements.

Customers First, Costs Last

The customer is our reason for being here. So, we attach prime importance to our customers. We listen to you, we respect your views, and we give you the best advice we can.  The special fact about Twickenham Plumber is that their employees never suggest an unnecessary repair, and if we can repair a piece of equipment, then that is what we do – unless you request something new. We try to keep your expenses as low as possible, while doing a great job.

Sometimes companies can add unexpected costs to their call out. But the most important fact about Twickenham Plumber is that their fees are transparent – you know in advance how much you have to pay. Nothing is hidden to give you an unexpected shock!

Our Team

Owner/ Operations – Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison, he is the owner of Local Plumbing Company Twickenham. So, he works as a dedicated, reliable and friendly plumber. All the team members operate under Tim. And especially, Tim takes care to satisfy customers. Therefore, work on time and smooth a plumbing service is must for every member. Also at Plumber Twickenham Tim works hard to satisfy his customers.

Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Collin has to ensure the quality of each piece of work. It is his responsibility to ensure a good quality for every job we do. And because he is a friendly character, other team members like to work with Collin.  Another key point is that his wide experiences help him to be a professional plumbing inspector. He is loyal to the Local Plumbing Company Twickenham as our plumbing inspector.

Customer Representative – Mike Stane

Mike always maintains a good relationship with his customers. It is easy for him to do his job, because he is naturally a friendly character. Mike is responsible in starting a good customer relationship and to direct them to the right place. Mike has been with us for over 2 years. And, he is pleasant not only with customers, but also with the members of the Plumbing Twickenham Company as well.

General Plumbing Specialist – David McCoist

David has the role of plumbing specialist. From the very first beginnings of our business, David has been with us. For that reason, he is an invaluable member of the Plumbing Twickenham Company. No job is too difficult to him. He is able to do any job well. Therefore, he is popular member of the Plumber Twickenham team with our customers.


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