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Radiator Repair Twickenham

Are your radiators faulty – do you feel cold when the weather turns bad? Maybe you need to get your radiators checked out by the experts, in fact, by the Radiator Repair Twickenham team.

A new radiator?

In the last few years there have been many innovations in radiator design. They can be made from such materials as steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper. The latest technologies and design not only look good – and you can choose a colour to stand out or blend in with your rooms, but they are also very efficient, and Eco- friendly. Our installation experts at Radiator repair Twickenham will be able to advise you as to the best option for your rooms. And then fit the radiator and pipes needed.
And, of course, with new radiators you get the manufacturers guarantee, as well as the guarantee we give for all our work.

An old radiator to repair?

But perhaps you simply want your old radiators repaired. Our team of skilled plumbers know all there is to know about how to repair a malfunctioning radiator. Some reasons to call on their service include:

  • Odd noises from your radiator or pipes
  • They remain cold even though the boiler seems to be working flat out
  • The top is cold while the rest heats up – this one is easy and our plumber will fix it with a proper bleeding to release the trapped air – and also check other radiators in your property
  • It leaks – either from the radiator or from the pipes where it joins
  • You see rust – this is a sign of water where it shouldn’t be

What next? Radiator Repair Twickenham services!

You probably have to make a decision – new radiators or repair the old ones. Our highly trained plumbers at Twickenham Plumbing, can visit your home or office and talk you through the possible options. We can offer you an affordable payment schedule, and we will always suggest the most cost-effective solution for you. The most important factor for us is that you, the customer, feels happy with our work. Why don’t you give us a call to discuss your radiator options in more detail? For more information on high quality radiator products, browse this website.


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